Storage Facility

1 - Container Terminal

          Container management is being monitored in a strict and flexibly responsible manner in order to diversify Sihanoukville Autonomous Port to be the port of better service quality as well as stimulating productivities to meet the requirements in providing benefits and cost competitive to the customers and port users. PAS has continual trained its personnel to operate and standardize the operational system to be similar to those of the neighboring countries. PAS has installed a Container Terminal Management System (CTMS) to easy container management, yard planning, vessel planning as well as container offloading – loading on board ship and yard operation to serve the customers on a timely basis, especially in stimulating productivities and minimizing vessel’s turnaround time.

          Container Storage Facilities

Terminal Size (m2) Capacity Quantity
- New Container Terminal 103 000 8 400 TEUs 01
- Empty Container Yard 46 000 3 000 TEUs 01
- Reefer Container   54 Boxes 09 Sockets
- Container Freight Station 6 000 12 000 Tonnes 01 (Warehouse No 4)


2 - General Cargo Terminal

          PAS has divided its operational zones into separate parts in order to ease the management and operational process as well as to stimulate productivities, especially for the efficiency of the day-to-day works.

          In response to the policy of the Royal Government on rice product augmentation and stimulation of milled rice export volume as well as other agricultural products, PAS has well managed and cared about the export operation of these agricultural products focusing mainly on service charges and productivities with the aim to serve the customers on a timely basis with consistent accountability and credibility.

          General Cargo Storage Facilities

Terminal Size (m2) Capacity Quantity
- Warehouses 36 000 72 000 Tonnes 05 Units
- Yard 45 000 90 000 Tonnes  


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