Sihanoukville Port Special Economic Zone ( SPSEZ )

The Sihanoukville Port Special Economic Zone SPSEZ which consists of 68 ha operational land area including 45ha for lease has started operational since 2012. The Sihanoukville Port Special Economic Zone has provided some special incentives to the customers as follows:

Incentives for Investors:

     - Permission for long-term lease up to 50 years.
     - Exemption of import duty such as production materials & equipment, construction materials, and production input.
     - Exemption of export duty.
     - VAT shall be charged with zero percent (0%) for each import.
     - Exemption of tax on profit up to 9 years.
     - Permanent visa for families and investors.

Excellence for Investors:

     - Located within the port’s domain and can reduce a relatively.
     - Located in the port zone which is able to reduce large amount of transport cost of both import and export cargoes and less time consuming.
     - The Master Plan and construction process were designed and performed by Japanese technical teams and Japanese companies.
     - The location never affected by natural disasters.
     - The SEZ Administration Center comprises (Bank, Telecom, Vocational Training Rooms, Rental Office, Clinic, Worker Recruitment).

For details information, please contact:

     - Tel            : ( 855 ) 34 933 739 / ( 855 ) 12 838 894
     - Fax           : ( 855 ) 34 933 739
     - Email        :,
     - Website    :

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