Multipurpose Terminal

The Multipurpose Terminal Development Project is a prioritized project to help encourage various fields of agriculture, ​agroindustry, industry, trade, and especially for the export of such Cambodian agricultural products such as dried tapioca and dried bulk cargo, and to respond to the Royal Government market ​expansion strategy for milled rice export and to provide logistics service for the offshore oil exploration in the ​territory of Cambodian sea as well as for the economic growth of Cambodia.

1 - Main Facilities

     - Multi-purpose terminal; Length: 330m and alongside depth: -13.50m
     - Terminal for Oil Exploration Logistic Base: 200m and alongside depth: -7.50m
     - Navigation Channel; Water depth: -12m, Length: 3,900m, Wide: 150m and total volume 1,800,000m3
     - Dry bulk cargo storage yard: 28,000m2
     - Coal Storage Yard: 13,000m2, General Cargo Storage Yard: 14,000m2  and other main port facilities. 

This project uses (JICA) Japanese soft loan and started the construction process in early January 2015 and expected to be completed in July 2017.

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