Message of H.E Chairman & CEO

H.E. Lou Kim ChhunWe thank you for choosing PAS to be a partner in business. To become the leading distribution center of the country as stated in our vision. PAS is making great efforts to improve the service quality through better equipped with modernized machinery, to continue to strengthen the worker’s capability as well as utilizing the automation systems for improving the operating speed and minimizing time consumed for the customers and port users.

Geographically located at the strategic point of the coastal line of Cambodia, PAS has the greatest potential, suitable for deep water port, located near the deepest water steam which costless to dredge the channel and requires no expense no regular channel maintenance. Base on strategic geographical features together with the efforts of management and employees, PAS is committed to provide the best services and timely response to customer’s requests moving together towards success.

Please join us for the excellence of progress for your business and for social developments.

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