Lifting Facility

PAS provides a 24-hours accurate container handling service for all container vessels and some other vessels that have specially contracted with the port. PAS can provide flexible equipment arrangement which is capable for fast and accurate lift on-lift off operations.

Lift On-Off Equipment:

1 - Super Structure And Container Handling Equipment

Machinery Capacity Quantity
Quay Gantry Cranes 30.5 Tonnes 2  Units
Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes 35.5 Tonnes 7  Units
Super Stackers 45 Tonnes 8  Units
Empty  Stacker 7.5 Tonnes 1  Unit
Trailers 20’- 40’ 35  Units


2 - General Cargo Handling and Transport Equipment

Machinery Capacity Quantity
Mobile Harbor Cranes 60 Tonnes 2  Units
Shore Cranes 10 Tonnes - 50 Tonnes 7 Units
Forklifts 30 Tonnes - 10 Tonnes 8 Units
Trucks for General Cargo 20 Tonnes - 40 Tonnes 19 Units

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