Berthing Facility

The Sihanoukville Autonomous Port has an ideal characteristic to protect all vessels berthing alongside the port’s terminals. Enhancing the ship's berthing performance by using natural islands as a reliable wind blockage. In addition, a solid break water was constructed to block strong wind from blowing heavily against the ships berthing alongside the new quay terminals.

PAS has enough capability of bringing the ships for berthing alongside its terminals in both dry and rainy seasons.

PAS has reserved five tug boats with total 6,600HP to assist the ship into berth. Other than the said facilities the port has one more mooring boat and many other experienced pilots who can satisfactorily service and bring the ships alongside with safety.

PAS has (290+290+350+400)m berth length which is numbered as follows : Berths No one & three are at western part of the pier, berths No two & four are at eastern part of the pier, while berths No five, six, seven, eight, are inside the wharf. Each berth is calculated for ship of 150m LOA, while berths No 2 & 4 are designed for ship of ≤100m LOA only.


1. Old Pier (290mx28m)

Berths No 1 and Nº 3, alongside depth: -9m to -13m for ship which is under -8,5m draft.

Berths No 2 and Nº 4, alongside depth: -6.5m to -8m for ship which is under -7m draft.


2. New Whare (350m)

Berth No 5 (Western part), alongside depth: -9m for ship which is under -8,5m draft.

Berth No 6 (Eastern part), alongside depth: -9m  for ship which is under -8,5m draft.


3. New Container Terminal

400m of quay length (Berth No7, No8), alongside depth: -10,5m for ship which is under  -8,5m draft.


4. Tanker Terminal

Pier (53x5)m, for tankers with -4.2m draft, is reserved for tankers of less than 80m LOA.

SOKIMEX terminal for ships of -9.2m draft is based in Lat. 10o43’00N & Long. 103o31’800E.

The Port of Tela can provide vessels with:

1. Draft ships with a depth of 11m (Draft 11m) can enter and exit the Tela terminal without any tide limit.

2. The ship can carry a depth of up to 11.5m (Draft 11.5m) need to discuss between Captain and Pilot to find out when, the tide and how to dock for safety.

The dock is at lat. 10o42,8’N and long. 103o32’0E​.

LHR terminal for ships of 5.5m draft is based in Lat. 10o45.0’N & Long. 103o36.6’E.

PTT Tanker Jetty is based in Lat. 10o29’500N & Long. 103o37’0E and reserved for PTT products only, with allowable draugh less than 5,0m.

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